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UD Youde Resistance Wire

MVR 125.00


Product Details

The UD Youde Resistance Wire is a high quality heating wire that give so out the great vapor production, providing heating materials such as Kanthal, Titanium, Ni80 Nichrome, SS316 Stainless Steel 316L in different gauges. Furthermore, some wires can be used for temperature control devices, such as Nickel and Titanium.

Please Note: Keep in mind the measurements of each roll varies, as resistance of wires change the size of the wires. Most rolls has the measure of about 30 Feet.

Here are the breakdown of the gauges, diameter and resistance for Kanthal:

  • 24 AWG - 0.175 Ohms/in and 0.5mm Diameter
  • 26 AWG - 0.275 Ohms/in and 0.4mm Diameter
  • 28 AWG- 0.448 Ohms/in and 0.3mm Diameter
  • 30 AWG- 0.588 Ohms/in and 0.25mm Diameter
  • 32 AWG- 1.143 Ohms/in and 0.2mm Diameter
  • 34 AWG- 1.905 Ohms/in and 0.16mm Diameter

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