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Mighty Dynamic Ni80 Resistance Wire

MVR 250.00


Product Details

The ADRW (Armor Dragon Resistance Wire) are made in Japan, with a Ni Cr purity of 99.6%, composed of 80% Ni and 20% Cr, yielding a higher purity than regular wires, less susceptible to rust during use and less fluctuation in resistance.

Fast reacting heat conduction
The benefits of extreme purity of Ni Cr alloy is a 20~30% lower resistance compared to FeAlCr alloy, more suitable for vaping, faster and evenly distributed heat conduction, saving power consumption at the same time.
Smooth surface heat treat processed
Regular wires bear a silver grey surface finish, relying on treated with chemicals for a smooth finish.
ADRW have a glossy polished finish, the surface of the wire is exceptionally smooth with little to no microscopic surface scratches. Regular wires do not have such a surface finish.
Debris, incursion, humidity and other micro matter can become lodged to the uneven surface during heating and becoming less durable with oxidation.
With a smooth glossy surface finish ADRW lasts up to three times longer than regular wires. Just dry burn the atomizer when the wire surface becomes burnt, the high purity combined with a smooth glossy finish will cause the carbonized debris to simply flake off, giving the wire a long service life.

Silver, 0.5mm, 10m, 5.5 ohm/m
Silver, 0.4mm, 10m, 5.81 ohm/m
Silver, 0.3mm, 10m, 15.29 ohm/m

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